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    N.G. Sahoo Research Group "You never fail until you stop trying"    
.... Albert Einstein

Group Members

Group Leader


Dr. N.G. Sahoo

Dr. N.G. Sahoo is the leader of the Sahoo research group, which is involved in innovating stupendous two- dimensional nano scale materials for various applications. His expertise deals with the development and surface optimization of these nano materials. His research area covers application of these nano materials in various fields such as development of solar and fuel cells, drug delivery, bio sensors, bone regeneration, etc. His research area and expertise covers a large spectrum of nanomaterials for various applications. He is leading and guiding his group to create a better tomorrow for the humanity.

Doctoral Students

sahjisandeep07@gmail.com, sandy.coedu@gmail.com

Sandeep Pandey

Research Scholar

M.Sc.in Chemistry, INSPIRE Fellow

Research Interest:
Organic solar cell, synthesis of 2-D nanomaterial.
Phone Number: 9458177075


Manoj Karakoti

Research Scholar,

M.Sc. in Chemistry , NET-LS/SRF

Research Interest:
Organic solar cell, Synthesis of carbon nanomaterials, Recycling of waste plastic.

Phone Number: 9410727069,8650326414.


Neha Karki

Research Scholar

M.Sc. in Chemistry, NET-JRF, GATE

Research Interest:
Carbon nano materials based drug delivery.
Phone Number: +91-9690891533


Neema Pandey

Research Scholar,

M.Sc. in Chemistry,

Research Interest:
Polymer Nanocomposite for structural applications.

Phone Number: +91-7579037582.


Himani Tiwari

Research Scholar,

M.Sc. in Chemistry,

Research Interest:
Nano material assisted drug delivery.

Phone Number: +91-9456106302.


Seema Bhandari

Research Scholar

M.Sc. in Chemistry

Research Interest:
Nano herbal medicine.

Phone Number: +91-9568760356.


Pushkar Dutt

Research Scholar

M.Sc.in Chemistry

Research Interest:Polymer nanocomposites

Phone Number: +91-9761062918.

email2pawandhapola@rediff.com , dhapolapawan@gmail.com

Er. Pawan Singh Dhapola

Research Assistant.

B.Tech (ECE), M.Tech (Nano Science & Technology).

Research Interest:
Dye sensitized solar cells, modification of polymer electrolytes, salt & ionic liquid doping, addition of filler & plasticizer, composite polymer and co-polymer, polymer blending, modification of working & counter electrode, quantum dots, thin films, synthesis and characterization of nanomaterial.

Phone Number: +91-8899081182, +91-9717717293.


Chetna Tewari

Research Scholar

 M.Sc. in Chemistry, NET-LS/SRF,GATE

 Research Interest: Carbon nanomaterials from waste plastic.

 Phone Number: +91-9410937074


Sunil Dhali

Research scholar

M. Sc. in Chemistry

Research Intrest: Synthesis of Carbon Nanomaterials, Water Analysis and  Development of Catalysist for Fuel Cell.

Phone number: 9761062918,9536808984


Mayank Pathak

Research Scholar


M.Sc. Chemistry




Research Interest: Advanced Energy Storage Materials, Carbon Nano-materials, Waste to value added products.


Mobile number: 8958150649


Gaurav Chandra Tatrari

Research Scholar


M.Sc. Chemistry




Research Interest: Carbon Nano-materials,Energy Storage Devices,Polymer Nano-composites,Waste to advance Nano-materials


Mobile number: 7409496239,8279697729



Bhashkar Singh Bohra

Research Scholar,


M.Sc. Chemistry


Research Interest: Polymer Nano-composites


Mobile No.- 7830899112


Monika Matiyani

M.Sc. Chemistry




Reaesrch interest: Carbon Nanomaterials based drug delivery.


Phone Number: 9910324944

Past Members


Vinay Deep Punetha

Postdoctoral Fellow @ Konkuk University, South Korea

M.Sc.in Chemistry, Ph.D.

Research Interest: Natural products and their biological activity, drug delivery, synthesis of nanomaterials and their functionalization, energy conversion, polymer composites.

N.G. Sahoo Research Group

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